Which industries are switching power supply?

Which industries are switching power supply?

Industrial control machine refers to the computer which is used to measure and control industrial production process and its electromechanical equipment and process equipment. Industrial control machine by computer basic I/O system composition, system and process computer basic system consists of the system bus, host template, memory board, man-machine interface board with the CRT, disk drive, printer and other general peripherals. Process I/O system consists of the input signal conditioning board and A/D converter, the sensor to measure the physical signal into electrical signal, analog quantity by the analog-to-digital conversion (A/D converter), into digital quantity input computer, computer output signal by digital to analog (D/A) conversion and output control (isolation amplifier) into the power of the actuator drive signal control actuators.

The hardware system generally has run operation station, can put computer, CRT, peripherals, main cabinet, I/O cabinet (chassis, power supply, wiring terminal board, ground protection device, etc.).

The software system consists of real-time operating system, real-time database and application software, data acquisition and processing software, control software (PID), direct digital control and advanced control software.

Compared with commercial and personal computers, industrial control machines are characterized by strong process input and output capabilities, high reliability and real-time performance.

1. Main products

(1) industrial control machine and its OEM products

It includes single chip microcomputer intelligent components, fuzzy controller 8 bits, 16 bits, 32-bit CISC, RISC embedded computer and its board level products.

Has certain market scale and development prospect of the main products are: IPC, PC / 104 or PC / 104 - plus, VME/VXI, AT96, CompactPCI and other special single board computer (including special based on RISC and DSP and MCU embedded computer), etc.

PC/104 with small size advantages, there is a potential for further expansion of the market in small military and medical devices. PC/104 through PC/104-plus compatible PCI bus, to the high performance application development.

The VME/VXI bus, which continues to have a large market share in military equipment and large test systems, has been strongly impacted by CompactPCI/PXI products. It will not be replaced by CompactPCI/PXI products on a large scale. The standard AT96 bus is further applied to military equipment and industrial sites.

CompactPCI bus industrial computer, along with the CompactPCI bus redundancy design, hot plug, since the diagnosis technology mature, high availability system of simplified structure, CompactPCI bus industrial computer technology will be rapid popularity and wide application, become the domestic most after STD bus industrial computer, IPC industrial popularization prospect of a new generation of high performance industrial computer.

(2) distributed control system DCS, field bus control system FCS

(3) PLC of PLC

(4) CNC system CNC

2. Function introduction

(1) control the process parameters of industrial production process (DDC direct digital control, SPC control and advanced control);

(2) measurement and control of industrial production equipment and process equipment (such as DCS of cold rolling mill and hot rolling mill);

(3), single machine, micro controller MCU embedded into the household electrical appliances, electrical and mechanical equipment, digital and intelligent, improve the mechanical and electrical equipment such as CNC machine form a complete set of numerical control, microelectronics, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

3. Key technologies

(1) software technology: real-time database technology, dynamic graphics display technology, platform technology.

(2) advanced control technology: a variety of advanced control technologies based on modern control theory, including predictive control, robust control, fuzzy control, intelligent control, expert control, etc.

(3) process optimization techniques: according to the optimization of process model, with the goal of maximizing the benefits of online and offline calculation, and then give the process optimization of conditions, make the whole process in the condition of the optimization of operation.

(4) system integration technology: integration of control software, optimization software and soft measurement technology; The integration of detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management, decision making, operation and other functions;

(5) communication network technology: fieldbus technology.

Parallel bus

Compact PCI Compact PCI bus is the reinforcement and extension of PCI bus, and Compact PCI is also regulated in a keen exchange, namely charged plug.

PXI bus PXI bus is an extension of PCI bus.

The vxibus vxibus is an expanded instrument system bus based on the VME bus.

Field bus

The fieldbus currently has 10 kinds of FF (fieldbus foundation), Profibus (process field bus) and so on.

Industrial Ethernet technology

Ii. Development status at home and abroad

1. Technology development trend

Abroad since the 1960 s since the first industrial process control system has been the development and change of the three generations of products, with the development of computer technology and products, also the continuous development of industrial control system.

(1) semiconductor integrated circuit technology promote the development of the microprocessor, microcontroller, one, four, eight, 16 and 32 bit microprocessor, microcontroller and MCU performance price is rising, Intel, Motorola, etc of the company's dominant microprocessor, a variety of PLC controller, control device, renewal speeding up, the neural network chip has come out, analog controller and intelligent controller has been preliminary commercialization and popularization and application.

(2) distributed control system has launched the fourth generation of products, such as Honeywell's new Experion PKS knowledge system (process), Emerson's PlantWeb, Foxboro company A2, yokogawa company R3 (PRM - plant resource management system), and ABB Industrial IT systems.

(3) the development of computer technology, communication technology, control technology, make the control system open to the fully digital, distributed, interoperable and open Internet network of a new generation of fieldbus control system (FCS) development.

Fieldbus technology is developing rapidly in recent years, there are FF (foundation fieldbus), Profibus field bus (process), LonWorks (local networks) operation, CAN control (local area network), HART (addressable remote sensor data path), etc., LonWorks has a wide range of applications, including IBM, Honeywell, 2 500 big companies such as ABB, manufacturer's support, occupied about a third of the building automation market, has become one of America's air conditioning hvac engineer association ASHRAE standard of building automation.

(4) the PLC technology in the 1980 s to mature, there are new breakthroughs, processing speed, strengthen the function, communication ability is raised to a new level, small PLC to miniaturization, low cost, simple, multi-purpose direction, large and medium-sized PLC to muti_function, high speed, large capacity, network direction.

(5) the development of automatic control theory and technology, advanced control, fuzzy control, artificial neural network, artificial intelligence technology and expert system has practical application in industrial automation, multivariable predictive control, advanced control software products on foreign oil, chemical and other process industries has been widely used; Artificial neural network has made special chip and automatic device, the fuzzy controller have also been commercialized, it is widely used in industrial production process control and refrigerators in the washing machine and other household appliances control, expert system has been in process control for power station, metallurgy and petrochemical device used in automatic control, manufacturing automation abroad to develop in the direction of CIMS is excellent production, agile manufacturing and process industries also to the development of CIPS integrated production system.

2. Outlook

Along with the development of computer technology and application, industrial control machine to digitization, miniaturization, diversification, personalization, specialty development, industrial control computer system to develop in the direction of network, integration, integration, intelligence, along with the informationization to drive industrialization, industrialization promotes the progress of informatization, enterprise informatization, community information, family informationization development, the growing market of industrial control machine, the prospect is broad.

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