How to correctly charge UPS uninterrupted power supply?

How to correctly charge UPS uninterrupted power supply?

UPS uninterruptible power supply as department stores, supermarkets, Banks, backup storage power of base station and other large companies have detached position of priority, in addition to protect equipment from the power of function, and the effect of voltage regulation. So we have UPS uninterrupted power to make our work and daily life well organized. However, it is also important to be ignored. It is believed that UPS is not maintained without a continuous power supply, which reduces the continuous service life of UPS. Today, redeis is an uninterruptible power supply manufacturer to give you an overview of how to maintain UPS power supply.

The normal life of UPS uninterrupted power supply is normally sealed and maintained for 3-5 years when normal use is normal at room temperature. But a lot of human factors make UPS an uninterrupted power supply. It can be seen that UPS does not have a continuous power supply without reasonable maintenance, which can affect its normal service life, so we should share some of the small items of attention.

1. The battery use environment requires the temperature to be between 0 and 40 degrees, avoiding direct sunlight and keeping clean.

2. Normally, when the battery is charged and discharged every 3 to 6 months, the charging time of the standard machine should not be less than 10 hours. (this item is often ignored.)

3. Uninterruptible power supply for UPS has been idle for a long time and needs to be recharged every 3-6 months.

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