​What kind of UPS should I have?

​What kind of UPS should I have?

What kind of UPS should I have?

According to the situation of equipment, electric environment and the purpose of power protection to achieve, it can choose the suitable UPS; Such as the small power equipment general for built-in switching power supply can choose UPS backup type, where the electricity environment is bad should choose online interactive or on-line UPS, for there is no continuous time or time requirements of sinusoidal alternating current (ac), can only choose on-line UPS.

How powerful am I supposed to be?

First, make sure your device is more powerful, in general ordinary PC or industrial of power around 200 w, MAC is controlled in 300 w, server between 300 w and 600 w, other equipment of the power value can refer to the instruction manual of the device.

Second should know the rated power of UPS said there are two methods: apparent power (VA) and the actual output power (W), because the existence of the reactive power caused the differences, both the conversion relation of: apparent power * power factor = actual output power

The power factor of back-up and online interactive is between 0.5 and 0.7, and the online power factor is usually 0.8.

To equipment match UPS should be based on the actual power output of the UPS for the match, intentionally or unintentionally some dealers will confuse the difference between the (VA) and (W), to point to the attention of the user, the choose and buy UPS first of all, is worth considering a few basic aspects: 1. The technical performance; 2. Quality assurance; 3. Service guarantee; 4. Product prices.

How do you determine what type of UPS power you need?

In general, private office and home users can consider a backup model, which is a cheap, lightweight, and ideal partner for personal computers. It has a high cost performance; For small and medium-sized system of network users, server, or precision instruments, such as the use or online interactive on-line UPS, better able to resist from the various violations of grid, its function is perfect, and most have the function of intelligent monitoring and the network connection, realize the remote control and intelligent management. For large and important equipment and systems, high-power sante on-line UPS for stable power supply is essential

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