The application of UFO power supply

The application of UFO power supply

Usage: workshop lighting, workshop lighting, warehouse lighting, shopping mall, airport, office, High canopy workshop, high-hole workshop, highway toll station.

Product features

1. Light light body, pure aluminum, fin heat dissipation, good heat dissipation performance;

2. Linear programming design, ultra-high current, more cost-effective;

3. Air permeability design, high thermal conductivity, rapid heat dissipation;

4. Adopt the flying saucer shape as the design element, the process is combined to build, it is the overall appearance craft feeling, has the product design feeling, the aesthetic feeling;

5. Imported wafer chip, luminous efficiency reaches 130lm/w.

Test project

1. Waterproofing test: test the lamp by 8 hours of water, and check whether the lamp is waterproof;

2. Integrating sphere test: integrating ball test can collect some spectral data, such as color temperature, color index, luminous efficiency, etc.

3. IES test: IES test is a professional test for LED lights, which can be used to calculate the multiple parameters of LED.

Such as lumen value, LED initial optical pass rate, luminous Angle, etc.

4. High temperature testing. Ensure that the lamp can work between -40 and 60 degrees;

5. Salt spray test: detect the anti-corrosion function of the lamp and can be used for the beach;

6. Aging test: detect the performance of the lamp, whether it has frequency flashing, whether it can work normally, etc.;

7. Color difference test: detect the color of the lamp and whether it conforms to the standard color index;

8. High voltage test: this is a routine test to ensure that the lamp body can withstand high pressure;

Shockproof test: used to detect if the lamp is in good condition before it is transported.

10. Temperature test: test the glass surface temperature of the lamp, and its surface temperature at different working environment temperature.

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