The tunnel lamp has the following installation requirements

The tunnel lamp has the following installation requirements

1, line positioning: lamps and lanterns installation height of installation construction drawings to determine the installation position measurements, high utilization has formed reference material as a foundation for measuring (e.g., has been completed or completed preliminary tunnel pavement, etc.), the installation of the first to draw a horizontal line, ensure the installation height of lamps and lanterns level consistent, then install the lamps and lanterns of construction drawing distance to locate the position of lamps and lanterns.

2. Lamp bracket installation: install the lamp holder in the position that has been confirmed, and pay attention to the model of the lamp, the hole spacing and the distance between the lamp holder.

3. Installation of lamps and lanterns: according to the model required by the drawings, the lamps shall be opened and inspected before installation of lamps and lanterns, and ensure that the light source, trigger, rectifier and capacitor are in good condition.

4. Wiring: according to A, B and C, the three-phase circularly linked lamps shall be used to guarantee the three-phase current balance; If the drawing is required to protect the cable, the fitting of the lamp will be protected.

5. Debugging: after the installation wiring of lamps and lanterns is completed, each circuit shall be adjusted separately to ensure that the individual circuit is normal.

6. After the loop is adjusted normally, the end line of the lamp will be fixed. Fixed time required to be uniform, linear and tidy.

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