The present situation of China's intelligent high frequency switching power supply industry and its future trend analysis in 2017(1)

The present situation of China's intelligent high frequency switching power supply industry and its future trend analysis in 2017(1)

Basic information of the industry

1. Industry overview

Intelligent high frequency switching power supply, also known as switching power supply, switch converter, is a high frequency conversion device. The function is to convert the input voltage to the voltage or current required by the client through different forms of architecture.

In the application of power electronic technology and various power system, intelligent high frequency switching power supply technology is at the core position. Its application field widely, such as electric operating power supply system, communication power supply system, new energy automobile charging equipment, and other fields, in the electric car and variable frequency drive, leave the switch power supply technology, through the change of power frequency switch power supply, so as to achieve the appropriate load matching and drive control. Intelligent high frequency switching power supply technology is the core technology of all kinds of power switching power supply (inverter welding machine, high frequency heating power supply, laser power supply, etc.). Such as a large electrolytic plating power source, the traditional circuit is very large and bulky, if USES the high frequency switch power supply technology, the size and weight will drop dramatically, so as to improve the power efficiency, save material, reduce the cost.

Overall, power electronics and switching power supply technology along with continuous development of user requirements, the emergence of new technology and product upgrades will make many applications, will develop more, newer applications. In addition, many other dedicated power sources and industrial power sources with switch power technologies are waiting for people to develop. There are many applications of intelligent high frequency switching power supply, and the market prospect is broad.

2. Industrial chain and upstream and downstream components of the industry

(1) electric vehicle charging power system

The electric vehicle charging power system is in the upstream of the industry chain of the rechargeable power station industry, and the downstream is integrated into the system integrator. Industrial chain terminals are state grid, southern power grid, China putian, large vehicle factory, bus company, etc

(2) power supply module and system

The upstream of the power supply module industry chain is mainly electronic components, magnetic elements (transformer, inductance, magnetic core), structural parts, batteries, etc. Downstream of the main operating power supply system integrators for electricity, power operation power system integrators for selling the end user and end user mainly for electricity, rail transportation, steel, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries.

3. Business model

The main business model of intelligent high frequency switching power industry includes the following three kinds: first mode: "core component" manufacturer. It is characterized by a continuous and strong r&d capability and technical advantages, and a modular and standardized design for products in technical specifications. The downstream of the system is mainly oriented to system integrators, providing power module and power supply system supporting products for system integrators. The second mode: "outsourcing parts + system integration" manufacturers. Its characteristic is that this kind of manufacturer has the sales channel superiority and the system after-sales service ability to the local end user. Through the mode of "outsourcing parts + integration", the enterprise organizes and produces and sells to the end customers through its channels; The third model: "integrated product" manufacturers. It is characterized by the development and development of the core module of the research and development end user of the core module. The company organizes and produces the core modules and integrates the system products to the end users.

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