Switching power supply in robot industry

Switching power supply in robot industry

Grim situation of labor costs in recent years, all over the world, brought serious impact to the enterprise's sustainable management, in the face of this severe challenge, more and more large enterprises in the hope of production technology innovation, hope to be able to use robots and automation technology, the robot can work side by side with humans, let robot can instead of the traditional labor-intensive industries, the industrial robot also gradually developed, the transformation using robot intelligent manufacturing become the development trend of the future, is also one of the important strategy for the development of China and even the global manufacturing industry.

In the process of development, the robot industry has strict requirements on the power supply due to the limitation of size, size and weight. For example, mobile robots usually cannot be powered by cable (except for some pipe robots, underwater robots), and must be powered by batteries or internal combustion engines. Compared with other applications such as automobile, it requires small size, light weight and high energy density. And requirements in various vibration and impact conditions close to or reach the safety, reliability of car batteries, so the traditional dry cell and lead battery does not apply to the production and use of robots.

So, a new type of power supply mode is gradually popular - switching power supply.

Switching power supply is the use of modern power electronic technology, control switch tube opened and shut off time ratio, to maintain stable output voltage of a power supply, switching power supply by general pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET. With the development and innovation of power electronic technology, the switching power supply technology is constantly innovating. At present, the switching power supply with the characteristics of small, light weight and high efficiency are widely used almost all electronic devices, is the rapid development of electronic information industry indispensable a way of power source, is more and more companies use in the manufacture of industrial robot.

Of course, the switching power supply is in the early stage of development, the market products are various, the quality is miscellaneous, heat resistance is generally not strong. The manufacturer of the robot has brought a lot of trouble to the selection. So, what kind of switching power supply is reliable and reliable?

Reliable switching power supply must be of ultra-wide temperature range, high immunity, rich in function and flexible. To ensure that robots can have strong and reliable power to serve humans.

In order to meet the iec6020204-1 standard, some robot controller products need to connect an AC transformer between the power grid and the power supply, as shown in the figure below:


But if the power supply can meet ovciii standard 62477-1, the user can be exempted from the AC transformer, and can achieve IEC60204-1 standard at the same time, this not only saves the user's device space, also reduced the product cost, thus can improve the user's product competitiveness.


A new era of automation and robotics is coming. With the development of the fourth industrial revolution, it is believed that in the near future, the trend of automatic replacement of labor will become more and more, and the "mechanization" of social production seems to be no longer distant.

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