The classification of the power supply products

The classification of the power supply productsThe classification of the power supply products

1: Switching power supply, including AC/DC switching power supply, DC/DC switching power supply, charger, etc

2: Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), including ACUPS and DCUPS.

3: Inverter, including ordinary inverter, LCD backlight inverter, solar inverter, etc.

4: Frequency converter, including ordinary frequency converter, high voltage inverter, etc.

5: Other: such as ac stabilized power supply, medium frequency induction heating power supply, high voltage power supply, electric locomotive power supply, etc.

Today we will focus on the UPS power system and product classification.

UPS power has developed from the 1960s rotary generator to today's intelligent static omnielectronic circuit, and continues to evolve. UPS power supply system equipment technology refers to the advanced high frequency switch power conversion technology, digital control technology, transformation technology, pulse width modulation technology, electromagnetic compatibility technology, redundant weaver, intelligent charging and discharging technology, network technology, drive technology and new technology, such as a comprehensive technology.

Currently, UPS power supply UPS power are usually refers to the stationary type, according to the work methods of classification can be divided into the backup type, online interactive and online type three categories, according to the size of the UPS power supply power and the classification of the application domain has the following ways:

The power system of UPS power system can be divided into three categories: big, middle and small.

The small power UPS power system is defined as a UPS power supply with power less than 3kVA;

The middle-power UPS power system is defined as a UPS power supply that is greater than or equal to 3kVA and less than 10kVA.

High power UPS power system is defined as a UPS power supply that is greater than or equal to 10kVA.

Power (P) < 3KVA products: less than 3KVA products mainly include the backup of 500va-2kva, interactive UPS, and 1-2kva online UPS. UPS in this power segment is competitive in the market because of low technical barriers.

3 kva power (P) or less < 10 kva products: a period of UPS power are mainly on-line product, and a small amount of 3 kva back-up type, interactive products, involving technology is relatively complicated, the quality control of products has the certain difficulty, in addition to foreign brand products, in the domestic large-scale manufacturers have the UPS power products.

With the IT industry, CI industry and PC widely used, the development of rapid development. The power supply industry is the basic industry of the development of various high-tech industries, and all the high-precision science and technology equipments require the supporting and supporting of power electronic power system technology. It is conceivable that the potential market of UPS power supply is large.

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