Notice of UPS power installation process

Notice of UPS power installation process

I. safety instructions

Even if the UPS power supply is not connected to the market, its power output socket still has a 220V voltage.

Low in order to reduce the load equipment caused bad earth shock hazard, when installing a computer interface signal lines, should be the ac input power cut off, make sure the connection is all signal connector to plug in the power supply.

Connect the UPS power supply to the ac input power of the ground line with proper branch protector (circuit breaker), and any other type of socket can cause shock damage.

If the charging line or power line needs to be changed, please purchase raw materials from the company's service station or the distributor to avoid the heat or fire caused by insufficient capacity.

The battery or battery pack can not be treated with fire, or it will explode.

Do not open the battery, because of the damage, the overflowing electrolyte has a strong toxicity, harmful to the human body.

Avoid short circuit of battery, which can lead to electric shock or fire.

Do not open up the UPS power cabinet, there is a danger of electric shock.

Do not touch the battery connector. The battery circuit is not isolated from the input voltage circuit, and there is a high pressure hazard between the battery terminals and the ground.

It is not suitable for electrical equipment such as hair dryer and electric heater to ensure the safety of UPS power supply.

2. Installation considerations

The area of the UPS power supply should be adequately ventilated, away from water, flammable gas and corrosive.

It is not suitable to test and release, and the front panel should be kept under the front panel.

Low UPS ambient temperature shall be maintained between 0 ℃, 40 ℃.

If the machine is disassembled and used at low temperature, there may be condensation of water droplets. It is necessary to wait for the machine to be completely dry before installation and use, or there is danger of electric shock.

A UPS should be placed near a municipal input socket so as to unplug the electricity in an emergency.

【 note 】

When the load is connected to a UPS power supply, you must first turn off the load, rewire, and then open the load one by one.

The UPS uninterruptible connection is connected to the socket with the dedicated current protection device.

The power outlet should be connected to the protection ground.

Whether the input power cord is plugged into a municipal electrical outlet, the UPS power output can be charged, and the shutdown of the UPS power supply doesn't mean that the parts in the machine are not charged. If you want UPS to have no output, switch off the switch and cancel the market supply.

When the electromotive load, such as motor, monitor and laser printer, is needed, the capacity should be calculated by starting power when the power of the UPS power is too large. The starting power is generally twice the rated power.

Do things such as connection generators, access should be strictly in accordance with the following steps: open the generator, until the generator running stable after the generator output power received UPS power supply, input end (at this point to determine the UPS for no-load), then press the boot program start UPS power supply, when UPS power supply is turned on, then one by one to load (a proposal to double capacity to choose UPS generator capacity).

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