LED screen assembly detailed tutorial-Assemble the LED screen.

LED screen assembly detailed tutorial-Assemble the LED screen.

a. LED screen overview LED screen, as a new media, the movement of luminous graphics, more easily to attract attention, information, updated, with very good advertising and notice effect. LED screen is simpler than neon light, easy to install and use, with more changes in effect and can be updated at any time. It is a good indoor and outdoor visual media. LED screens belong to high-tech electronic products, which are high in price and used in government and units. Technology is improving, prices are falling, assembly and maintenance are simpler. Small LED screen, because the price is cheap, the installation and use is simple, long is accepted by the masses, step by step into the size shop, the application is more popular, gradually become popular.

b.Screen applications:

 b.1. - the new media advertising application, new results, new business LED bar screen as a new media, is also a new type of decorative materials, can be embedded into a lot of interior decoration, make the decoration more sporty, constantly updated subtitles, can be used as a new notice board, preferential propaganda and promotion information, etc. Greatly improve the grade of interior decoration, have good visual effect. Because the installation and use of LED screen has certain technical content, it restricts the development of advertising industry. Master LED technology can improve the technical content of interior decoration and expand business.

b.2 System integration 

Development LED screen, because of the simple control, embedded into all kinds of public - oriented devices. The font is large, dynamic and informative, suitable for long distance viewing, and timely broadcast the latest news to the public to attract public attention. It is widely used in queuing system, station system, water dispenser and so on. Article LED screen control card, function is simple and stable, can be easily embedded into the system, for developers to get rid of the development of LED display troublesome work, will be more attention focused on the function of the system and the innovation. LED strip control card development kit provides a detailed development example that provides a good environment for your system integration and 2 development.

c.Assembly significance

 LED industry chain is very perfect, all parts can be very easy to buy on the net, the technical parameters of the LED, increasingly unity of industry standard basic form, all parts have been modular. Lay the foundation for self-assembling LED screens. LED screen, due to low material cost and high retail price, cost and price are not easy to control when purchasing the LED screen suppliers in batches. The end user is not familiar with the LED screen and needs the service provided by the supplier for installation and maintenance. Therefore, the user can assemble the LED screen and sell it locally, so that the maximum profit can be obtained.

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