LED floor lamp installation wiring.

LED floor lamp installation wiring.

LED floor lamp body is made of high purity aluminum alloy material. The surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, constant temperature curing and strong adhesion. Generally good waterproof and dustproof. LED buried lights and LED wash wall lamp, LED energy-saving lamps and LED wall lamp and so on, because the LED buried lights, landscape lighting, buried in the ground water level must reach more than IP67, before the installation work, from several aspects:

Preparation before installation.

1. Install LED floor lamp, cut off the power supply for safety, and ensure that it can be installed safely;

2. Before installation of LED floor lamp, check the connection of LED floor lamp and the complete accessories. The LED buried lamp is fixed in the ground after installation. It is relatively troublesome to disassemble and install. If it is not found after installation, it sometimes needs destructive disassembly. Therefore, it should be checked before installation;

3. Before installing the LED floor lamp, dig the buried ditch according to the installation dimensions of the LED underground lamp, and then fix the embedded parts with concrete. The embedded part has been used to isolate the main body and soil effect of LED underground lamp, which can guarantee the service life of LED underground lamp.

4. Before installation of LED floor lamp, a connection device of IP67 or IP68 should be provided for connecting the external power supply to the power cord of the lamp body. And the power cord of LED buried lamp requires the use of VDE certified waterproof power cord to ensure the service life of LED underground lamp.

Installation process and wiring diagram.

The change effect of LED floor lamp is similar to that of outdoor lighting such as LED wall lamp and LED wall lamp. It is generally divided into two types: monochrome normal light and DMX512 effect. Please refer to the following figure for detailed wiring.


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