Frame FJ-APF series

Frame FJ-APF series

Product features:


Achieve perfect power quality system
Harmonic compensation
APF can filter out 2 to 50 harmonics at the same time, or set the number of harmonic current compensation and the rate of compensation for each harmonic wave as required.
Reactive compensation
Tolerance Sensibility(-1~1) Invincible Compensation, PF1 .00 Perfect Reactive Compensation Effect
3-phase imbalance compensation
3-phase active imbalance compensation, 3-phase reactive power imbalance compensation, phase division compensation.

Product Structure Diagram


Product Size


Application Scenes and Cases


IDC Industry
Harmonic source: UPS, inverter
Harmonic equipment: switching power supply, condensing air conditioning, elevator, lighting
Automobile manufacturing
Harmonic source: rectifier, inverter
Harmonic equipment: spot welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding, transmission system, punch machine, welding machine
Harmonic source: UPS, rectifier
Harmonic equipment: The main load is electronic medical precision equipment lighting and variable frequency wind equipment, computers and UPS fluorescent lamps, etc..
Theatre, radio and television
Harmonic source: rectifier, inverter, Silicon controlled dimming, switch power supply
Harmonic equipment: lighting, elevator, audio, air conditioning, screen, Silicon controlled dimming
Oil extraction
Harmonic source: rectifier, inverter
Harmonic equipment: AC generator set(through Silicon controllable rectifier for direct current), Derrick(winch, scooter), drill plate, mud pump.

Theme parks and hotels
Harmonic source: inverter, UPS, switch power supply
Harmonic equipment: pendulum hammer, roller coaster(around 150A), ropeway(turntable motor), vertical lift project, central air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, elevator
Modern architecture
Harmonic source: rectifier, inverter
Harmonic equipment: switching power supply, Variable frequency air conditioning, Elevator, Illuminated, Water pumps, pumps, Energy saving lamps, Silica controlled dimming system,
Large LED Equipment.

Harmonic sources; Inverter, halogen lamp
Harmonic equipment: pulverizer, overpress, cutting paper, CNC machine tools, arc lamps, halogen lamps, Air conditioning.
Sewage treatment
Harmonic source: inverter, rectifier
Harmonic equipment: fans, pumps(condensation pumps, circulation pumps, water pumps, water pumps).

Harmonic source: Frequency converter, Silicon controllable.
Harmonic equipment: Mixing machine, extruding machine, forming machine, vulcanizing machine

Litter power generation
Harmonic source: Inverter, rectifier
Harmonic equipment: Pumps(condensation pumps, circulation pumps, feed pumps, pump pumps).

Harmonic source: frequency converter, Silicon controllable
Spectroscopic equipment: monocrystalline furnace, Slicer
Harmonic sources: monocrystalline furnace, Silicon controllable
Harmonic equipment: single crystal furnace, quartz crucible.


Harmonic sources: UPS,frequency converter.

Harmonic equipment: UPS,Elevator, lighting.

Electric vehicle charging pile

Harmonic sources: Rectifier

Harmonic equipment: Charging machine.

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