FJ-ADC1XXXY-A / FJ-ADC1XXXY-B Vertical ADC advertising charging pile

FJ-ADC1XXXY-A / FJ-ADC1XXXY-B Vertical ADC advertising charging pile



• Perfect safety protection function, with input side overpressure, underpressure protection, output side overpressure, overflow protection, insulation monitoring protection, overtemperature, short circuit, leakage, lightning protection, battery anti-coupling protection and other protection.

• It has three kinds of state instructions: power supply, charging, and failure. It is fully compatible with the new version of the national standard, has emergency shutdown, connection confirmation test, charging door test, charging gun lock, charging gun temperature test and other functions, and guarantees charging safety in all aspects.

• Charging operation in various ways, according to the "automatic full", "time mode", the amount of "electricity mode", combined with the needs of BMS to charge electric vehicles.

• It has the function of operating permission password management, supporting non-contact C card and mobile phone APP for identity authentication, charging control, payment settlement and other functions.

• It supports cable(RS-232 / 435CAN, Ethernet) and wireless(Bluetooth, GPRs, 3G, 4G, etc.) communication methods, and can be centralized management of charging pile groups. The system software has local and remote upgrade functions.

• Payment method: Mobile APP payment, credit card payment, WeChat / Alipay payment, etc..


Applicable premises


The AC and DC integrated charging pile can realize both DC fast charging and AC high-power charging. The product has the advantage of competing for the single fast charging at present. Applicable to urban dedicated charging power stations(buses, taxis, official vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.), urban public charging power stations(private cars, commuter cars, bus cars), intercity expressway charging power stations, etc. need DC fast charging occasions, especially suitable for rapid deployment under limited venues.


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