Common sense of LED waterproof power supply.

Common sense of LED waterproof power supply.

LED waterproof power supply can be divided into two types according to the driving mode:

(1) constant current

A, constant current drive circuit of the output current is constant, and the output dc voltage is different with the size of the load resistance within a certain range, load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, the greater the load resistance, the higher the output voltage.

B. Constant current circuit is not afraid of load short circuit, but it is forbidden to load completely.

C, constant current drive circuit driven LED is ideal, but relatively high price.

D. The maximum bearing current and voltage value should be used, which limits the number of leds used;

(2) stable pressure type

A. When the parameters in the voltage regulator are determined, the output voltage is fixed and the output current varies with the load.

B. The voltage stabilizing circuit is not afraid of load opening, but it is strictly prohibited to completely short-circuit the load.

C. Drive the LED with a voltage stabilizing drive. Each string needs to be added with the appropriate resistance so that the brightness average of each LED can be displayed.

D, the brightness will be affected by the voltage change of the rectifier.

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